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We cannot believe September is over and we are at the beginning of a new month already.

During September 5th class have kept themselves busy.

We have enjoyed taking part in athletics, football and trying to beat our fitness challenges.

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Check out some of the fun things we've been up to in 1st class this September.

Science: We've been learning about our senses by making popcorn, doing blind touch and smelling experiments.

Art: We mixed the primary colours red, blue and yellow to make secondary colours green, orange and purple. We made Mr Potatoes heads too.

Religion: We learned about baptism and visited our local church to find the baptismal font and the paschal candle.

PE: Athletics with Noel

Maths: We explored addition up to 15.

After a hard week's work, we love Golden Time on Friday afternoons!




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We have been exploring the topic 'Our Senses' this September in Ms. Collum's 1st Class.

We learned all about our senses by making popcorn- we listened to it popping, saw it change from small kernels to big fluffy pieces, we smelt it as it cooked and finally got to touch it and taste it when we were eating it!

We also did blind smelling and touching experiments in class. 

Finally we made Mr. Potato Heads and made sure they had eyes, ears, noses, mouths and hands!