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Check out just some of our maths, science, PE and other activities we have been up to in 1st class over the past few weeks.

Maths Stations


Investigate whether blubber (fat) is a good insulator

Investigate which type of ball is the bounciest

PE: Skipping on Active Friday, Hurling, Gymnastics

Celebrating Pancake Tuesday πŸ₯ž Yum!

Celebrating Chinese New Year by playing with ancient Chinese puzzles called Tanagrams

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5th class are participating in Game Changers, a programme for young people to learn about issues affecting our world today.

Game changers involves the class creating their own board game based on the concept of global justice.

5th class took part in a workshop, presented by TrΓ³caire in which the class explored what global justice means. 5th class are almost finished completing their board games that are based on issues such as climate change, gender equality and conflict .


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Junior Infants carried out some spooky Science experiments for Halloween this year! πŸ‘»

Dancing Ghosts πŸ‘»:

We explored static electricity in class. We rubbed balloons off of our hair and held the balloon over the paper ghosts. The static electricity made the ghost 'dance' πŸ‘»πŸ‘».

Making Potions πŸͺ„:

The witches and wizards made some marvellous potions for Halloween. We explored the reaction that occurred when we mixed baking powder and vinegar πŸ’₯ alongside some spooky ingredients! It was very exciting πŸͺ„πŸͺ„


Strand: Energy and Forces

Strand Unit: Magnetism and Electricity

Strand: Materials

Strand Unit: Materials and Change

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Junior Infants went to the moon for Space Week πŸŒ™πŸš€

In pairs we designed our rockets πŸš€.

We stuck our rockets onto balloons which were tied with clothes pegs.

Each balloon was stuck onto a line of string.

When we shouted blast off, our astronauts released their balloon rockets and they travelled along the string! It was so exciting!! πŸ’₯

We have some budding astronauts here in Juniors! πŸ‘©β€πŸš€

Strand: Energy and Forces

Strand Unit: Forces