Show and Tell

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Our 3rd class were very lucky this week to host one of Hazelwood colleges 'Brighter minds workshops'

Ms Joan Brosnan and two of her TY students - Kate & Lisa, came with all their science equipment and materials and did lots of experiments with our class today.

They carried out the following experiments:

  • separating colours using chromatography paper
  • testing to see if different liquids were an acid or a base using ph indicator (litmus paper)
  • invisible paint 
  • examining cells of a pig and of a cat under a microscope
  • moving pepper on water by putting a small dab of washing up liquid
  • relighting a glowing splint using oxygen created by mixing manganese dioxide and hydrogen peroxide 
  • creating an explosion by putting sodium into water

Huge thank you to Ms Brosnan, Kate and Lisa we really really enjoyed the workshop!

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On Thursday 18th January Sixth Class engaged in a Virtual Tour of the National Museum of Ireland - Natural History. The title of the tour was Go Extinct! Geraldine Breen , zoologist with the National History Museum led the tour. We looked at the following:

What does ‘Extinct’ mean?

How did the Giant Irish Deer become extinct in Ireland?

How did the Spotted Hyena became extinct in Ireland?

How the Dodo went extinct.

How the Thylacine became extinct.

How the wolf went extinct in Ireland. 


It was a most enjoyable tour. Geraldine was very knowledgeable & made it very interesting & engaging! Thank you Geraldine. 


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We loved learning about electricity and circuits with the team from Lismore for Science Week 2023!

We learned all about static electricity, how light bulbs 💡 work, simple circuits, parallel circuits and switches! 

In our pairs we worked with wires, batteries 🔋 and bulbs 💡 to create simple and parallel circuits and saw that the bulbs didn’t work if the circuit wasn’t connected properly! 

In bigger groups we had a competition to see who could make a working circuit with a buzzer and switch to ensure the buzzer was turned on every time but pressing the switch!