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Me. Kelly's 6th Class have been very busy this term, working on two separate STEAM Projects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths).

We are currently working hard on our 'Ireland's Future is Mine' Minecraft Project, which is sponsored by Microsoft Ireland, Dreamspace and RTÉ Jnr! RTÉ have ran episodes on TV. The aim of this project is to create a digital model of your local area using Minecraft: Education Edition and then to make changes to show how we could make our local area more sustainable for the future. Some of the ideas so far have been fantastic! The project is due in February and the pupils are busy collaborating in class to build the Minecraft version of Castlemahon Village before making the changes they suggest to increase sustainability. We will need to submit a 3 minute video to Microsoft to enter the competition, so we will be very busy after Christmas! The pupils are loving this project!

At the same time, we are building a robot! We have entered the Vex Robotics Challenge for 2022. This is a fantastic project, where teamwork and communication is vital. Currently, the pupils have completed the building of the robot and are currently tweaking and fixing areas they need to. The track for us to practice on is currently being put together by the pupils and another group of pupils are currently in the early stages of programming the robot.

These two projects are running side by side in the classroom, and pupils swap over and back between both projects, getting a feel and input for both.

Here are just some pictures of progress so far. More updates after Christmas!