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4th Class carried out an investigation to work out which household material would be best to make a teabag- a J cloth, cling film, tinfoil or greaseproof paper. Which one do you think would make the best teabag? 

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This year for our STEM Project using Minecraft Education, we decided we would create a new stadium for Limerick! Our teacher helped us out at the start, breaking the Project up into 5 phases; (1) Research,  (2) Design, (3) Build 3D model, (4) Groups with specific tasks (5) Build a digital version of our stadium via Minecraft Education.
As you can see from our photos,  we had great fun in all of these phases, but we really loved creating our stadium on our ipads using Minecraft Education! We didn't need any further help at this stage as we were the experts at building! We all worked together in the same 'world' which was on Mr. Kelly's laptop. He shared a 'join code' with us and we were all able to work together on the project at the same time using the ipads. This took a lot of communication and organisation to make sure our stadium got built!
We went for a very fancy glass design with green and white striped walls to make our stadium very distinctive! We are planning on adding dressing rooms underneath the stands, some shops and a car park outside!
We really loved working on this project together,  it was so much fun and we think we created a really cool stadium!
Mr. Kelly's 4th Class Engineers :)
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We went on a Google Earth Scavenger hunt .We located various landmarks such as the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower and man made islands in Dubai. We even ventured under the waters to view the coral in the Great Barrier Reef 🪸.

We used Google Earth 🌍 maps to measure 📏 the distances between Limerick to all of these landmarks and more !

Digital map work is so much fun ! 🗺️