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Maths Week 2022 ✖️➗➕➖

We really enjoyed doing a maths trail around the school grounds- counting, looking at shapes & colours!

We used 2D shapes during construction time to build lots of different items! 

We used our maths eyes 👀 to study the Gingerbread man poster! 

We learned lots about 3D shapes this week too!! 

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Junior Infants went to the moon for Space Week 🌙🚀

In pairs we designed our rockets 🚀.

We stuck our rockets onto balloons which were tied with clothes pegs.

Each balloon was stuck onto a line of string.

When we shouted blast off, our astronauts released their balloon rockets and they travelled along the string! It was so exciting!! 💥

We have some budding astronauts here in Juniors! 👩‍🚀

Strand: Energy and Forces

Strand Unit: Forces


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Junior Infants have spent the month of October learning all about Autumn. We have been studying the Hedgehog 🦔 and learning about 'The Big Sleep' or Hibernation.

We decided to make a Hedgehog Hotel, where Hedgehogs can come and hibernate.

We went to the river bank and collected lots of twigs and dried leaves 🍁🍂. We cut out holes in a cardboard box and covered it in a sheet of plastic, to keep it warm. It was important that our Hedgehog Hotel went under a covered tree where it is hidden.

Thanks to the sixth class boys and girls who helped us! 

We hope that we will have some guests over the Winter 🦔🦔