STEM Showcase

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Ms. Collum/ Ms. Gilbourne's 1st class demonstrated some science experiments to 6th class. This was very exciting.

They performed colour changing milk using milk, food colouring and cotton swabs dipped in fairy liquid (the soap molecules want to attach to the fat molecules in the milk which causing the food colouring to react like exploding fireworks 🎆).

Dancing ghosts which showed how static electricty works using our paper ghosts and balloons.  👻 🎈 

Finally, the favourite by far was our elephant toothpaste using hyrdrogen peroxide, food colouring and yeast!! The hydrogen peroxide and yeast make a chemical reaction when they meet. It was definitely enough to clean the elephant's teeth in our opinion! 🐘 🪥 

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Junior Infants decided to try and save Humpty Dumpty from breaking when he fell off the wall!! 

We made predictions on what materials would save Humpty and what materials would not. 

Then we tested out our materials 🥚.

We recorded our answers 🔎.

Strand: Materials

Strand Unit: Materials and Change