STEM Showcase

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We had a visit from Lismore Heritage Centre for our STEM Showcase 🧪

We learned all about static electricity 🎈

They taught us all about acids and bases and chemical reactions 🧪

We made our own rocket ship 🚀 and we were really excited to make our volcanoes 🌋

Thanks to our wonderful teachers for organising a great day 💚

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We followed in the footsteps of the great Irish Explorer Tom Crean. We learnt all about the animals that lived in Antarctica. We dressed up like Tom Crean. We measured the temperature of ice and discovered  how blubber protects animals from the cold in Antarctica. 

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Senior Infants had a great day exploring and discovering new things with Aoife during this STEM showcase.During the workshop we discussed and tested acids and bases,made our own volcanoes, explored static electricity using balloons and mixed and made some chemical reactions! We all learned so much and certainly had great fun in the process! 🧫🔬🧪👩‍🔬👨‍🔬

Aoife from Lismore heritage centre did LOADS of experiments with us today!!

We learned all about Acids and bases!

We made volcanoes by pouring a base (baking soda) into an acid (vinegar)

We blew up a balloon and a glove using the chemical reaction of adding a base to an acid.

We completed a circuit by holding hands in a circle, this caused a special noisy bulb to light up!

We made static electricity by rubbing a blown up balloon to our hair and then used this static electricity to make rice krispies dance.

We made a super fast rocket using a balloon taped to a straw on a string, when Aoife released the opening of the balloon to release the air the balloon and straw flew up the string!

Lastly Aoife made a cool film canister rocket using alka seltzer, it hit the roof!


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This week we had Lismore Heritage Centre as part of our STEM showcase for the primary science and maths  award. Aoife did lots of wonderful experiments with us. We learned all about chemical reactions and acids and bases. We loved the volcano experiment🌋 and making our own rocket.🚀