Science Week

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We really enjoyed Science week in our class! 

Science Experiments πŸ§ͺWe got a balloon to blow up using a bottle, some water and an Effervescent tablet. We loved seeing the reaction from the tablet and the water and seeing the release of gas which blew up the balloon! 🎈We made a lava lamp by filling a glass with oil and water mixed with food colouring then we took turns dropping in pieces of an effervescent tablet and watched in aw as the tablet reacted with the water again and caused bubbles of lava up through the oil! 🫧We placed butter beans into a glass of water and they sank to the bottom then we dropped in some effervescent tablet and the bubbles released caused the beans to dance up and down in the water like dancing ghosts! 🫘 We did the walking water experiment to see how capillary action works! βš—οΈ

Food Exploration 🍲We made our own vegetable soup πŸ₯£ 

Technology πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» We used computers, tablets and the interactive board for our all our subjects this week πŸ’»

Fine motor 🫰🏻We used magnets 🧲 

Construction 🚧 We used lots of different blocks to build with this week 🧱

Showcase πŸ₯Ό We visited Senior Infants to see them showcase their science experiments 🧫 

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First class really enjoyed several activities during Science Week 2022. We explored our sense of touch and examined to see if wearing gloves affected our ability to recognise objects through touch.  We also investigated how well our sense of smell was in recognised different smells. We had to go outside for our materials mixing experiment where we saw a "Halloween Ghost" balloon inflate through science magic! When discussing great inventors and explorers, Áine read the story, "Deep Sea Adventure", to the class so that we could all hear about a first time diving exploration. What a brilliant week!

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Strand: Materials Strand Unit: Materials and Change

1. We did the skittle rainbows experiment 🌈 : The skittle shells melted into the water to create a rainbow.

2. We made magic milk πŸ₯›: When we dipped our cotton buds in dish soap and touched the milk the colours swirled around the milk πŸ₯.

3. Walking Water πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’¦ : We set up our cups with red(1,7) , yellow (3)  and blue(5) water. The kitchen towel carried the water from one cup to the next, mixing colours on the way 🟒🟠🟣.

We had a great week. Well done to all our little scientists ❀️

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We were working scientifically in 3rd class for science week 2022.

We explored how we could create a chemical reaction to create our own lava lamps and we investigated if it was possible to change milk to a bone like structure using an acid!