We were so lucky today, Mrs O Connell brought some of her new born baby chicks from her farm to visit our classroom! We had so much fun petting and playing with the tiny fluffy chicks πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯

From Monday 7th to Friday 11th February 2022 First Class monitored the rainfall. We made a simple rain gauge from a plastic bottle. Each day for 5 days we counted the teaspoons of rain water that was collected. We recorded the data on a block graph in our SESE scrapbooks. These are our results. 🌧 

In First Class we love coding with BeeBots during numeracy stations. 🐝 πŸ€– 

First Class STEM: Group Challenge to construct stacking hearts from Lego ❀️β™₯️ The children were fantastic at this challenge. We set a time limit of 20 minutes & these are their creations. Well done to all the boys & girls! 😍😍

Finding the weight of various items in the class has been very exciting. Some items needed almost 100 cubes to balance the scales. This was lots of fun πŸ˜€

As part of our weekly maths stations in senior infants, we have been using the iPads and the bee bots 🐝  to help us learn how to code. It's been lots of fun and we are getting better each weekπŸ˜€ well done senior infants πŸ‘πŸ» 

Senior infants were learning all about tall buildings around the world like the leaning tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower and the worlds tallest building the  Burj Khalifa. Senior infants worked as engineers construction their own wonderful towers. Well done everyone  πŸ˜€